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We offer a variety of classes that are appropriate for all fitness levels. From HIIT to chair yoga, there is a class that is perfect for you. Reserve your spot today!

Online Reservations

Scheduled fitness classes are a great way to stay active and motivated and get to know other members.

Reserving a spot in one of our fitness or water aerobics classes is quick and easy to do! Our schedules are posted online and registration is convenient and secure. You can register for just one or multiple classes at a time up to one week in advance.

How To Make A Reservation

Step 01: Find Your Class
Click “Reserve Your Spot” to find a schedule with all the programs eligible for reservations. All schedules provide the number of spots remaining so you’re able to know if a class or program is in high demand.

Step 02: Create a Login
Log in to your Valley Shore YMCA account using your email address and password. If this is your first time, create a log in with your membership information.

Step 03: Reserve Your Spot
Simply enter your information and complete the registration to have your spot reserved for your upcoming class or program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Welcome Center at 860-399-9622.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a reservation is not available when you try to reserve a spot, add yourself to the waitlist. If another member drops out you will automatically be notified.

  • Step 1: Select “Join the Waitlist”
  • Step 2: Check your inbox for an email notification you are on the waitlist.

If you can not make it to your reservation please be sure to cancel online.

  • Step 1: Locate your online schedule and your reservation. You will see an icon in the top right corner “My Reservations” to select.
  • Step 2: Look for the reservation you want to cancel and select “o o o “.
  • Step 3: Select “Cancel Reservation”.
  • Step 4: Confirm cancellation. You will receive a confirmation email.
Our classes are available for all members over the age of 13.
Our instructors often provide options for movement in a class, so if it is too difficult you can adjust to make it more manageable for yourself. If it is still too difficult, please feel free to do as much as you can. Also, check our group exercise schedule for a different class. That may be more suited to your current fitness needs. You are always welcome to come back and try again!
Yes, you should try to introduce yourself to the instructor. Share your skill level and any information he/she may need to know about you so they can provide appropriate options and modifications to keep you safe and provide the best experience possible. The more they know about your goals and expectations, the better equipped they will be to help make you successful in their class and also recommend others you may enjoy. Instructors love to meet and guide new students!
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