Our Child watch Center is our free babysitting program for Valley Shore YMCA facility members! Designed for members from 6 weeks to 9 years old. Children can enjoy our fun, interactive play area while their adult guardian uses the Y’s gymnasium, fitness area or pools. Come grow with us!

Amazing Kids Handbook

Members of the Valley Shore YMCA can call up to one week in advance to make a reservation for up to 2 hours total a day at Amazing Kids. Amazing Kids can take drop ins but space is not a guarantee without advance registration. There can be up to 20 children at a time in Amazing Kids.

Guests and Nationwide (reciprocal/away) members can drop in to amazing kids but they are not guaranteed a space. They can call ahead to see if there is space but they are not able to reserve a spot.

Guests will be charged the guest pass fee ($6 for children under 18, $12 for 19 and up or $24 family day pass) and a $3 fee for each child up to $7 family.  

Nationwide members will be charged a $3 fee for each child up to $7 family.  

Check-in Procedures:
Upon the first time arrival at the Amazing Kids Program, parents or guardians must complete a registration form which includes emergency contacts and consent for medical treatment. They will be given a handbook. Parents/guardians will be allowed in the center to help adjust to the new environment. Upon each visit to the center, the parent/guardian must check in at the Member Services desk in before entering the Amazing Kids Program. Adults will then sign their child[ren] into the program area. Adults must show their driver’s license or other photo ID to the staff for the first couple of visits.

Check-out procedures:
The parent/guardian who signs the child in MUST be the same person who signs out and leaves with that child. Upon pick-up, the Amazing Kids Center staff will return the parent/guardian’s photo ID.

If you have any questions please contact Lisa Hayward.