YMCA Campaign Update

Just as the YMCA exists to strengthen our community, the community now has the opportunity to help the Y fortify its mission from the outside in.

In May 2015, the YMCA Board of Directors voted unanimously to pursue a capital project to renovate our YMCA and better position our organization to continue providing important services to the communities we serve. For the past 100 years, the YMCA has always been here when people need us the most and we have an unwavering commitment to make sure that the next generation has access to programs and services that enhance their quality of life.

What’s the Status of the Capital Campaign?

We have moved out of our “pre-funding” phase and we are now officially in our “quiet phase” Our Board of Directors has assembled a Campaign Leadership Cabinet of community leaders who are helping us secure pace setting donations prior to the public phase of our campaign.

Over the next few months, we will begin to share exciting imagery of the potential project. Below is a list of upgrades that we are exploring in this multi-phase project:

What Areas are the Capital Campaign Focusing On?

  1. Core Infrastructure
  • The Plan: Replace leaking roofs, update HVAC and electrical systems, and renovate exterior.
  • The Impact: This work will protect the integrity of our physical structure and prevent disruption of services due to repairs. Our 1974 building is well loved and much used and has critical failures every year that diverts resources for new programs to costly repairs.
  1. Safety & Access:
  • The Plan: Install sprinkler system, elevator, and features that ensure we are fully ADA compliant; renovate locker rooms and shower areas.
  • The Impact: Ensure safe, secure and accessible entry points, amenities and spaces for individuals of all ages and abilities.
  1. Health & Wellness:
  • The Plan: New state of the art Wellness Center located on the first floor that is accessible to all ages and physical abilities and additional Mind/Spirit/Body Group Exercise Studio to support yoga, tai chi, Pilates and specialty programs for seniors.
  • The Impact: Ensure that people of all ages and abilities can safely enjoy exercise, create healthy habits and minimize the impact of chronic disease and pain.
  1. Family & Community Connectedness
  • The Plan: Create Family & Special Needs Locker Room, new Amazing Kids Child Watch center, expanded lobby with fireplace, additional seating, and meeting space with a teaching kitchen.
  • The Impact: We want to make sure families with small children and others with special needs can feel comfortable and secure. Increase the opportunities for children and families to participate in activities together. This work will provide a welcoming, social gathering place for families to connect before and after classes.

What’s Happening with the Second Pool?

As much as our members would like a second pool again, so would we.  Having a single pool has required us to compromise on water temperature and created scheduling conflicts.  In our capital project, it will be imperative that we balance our wants and needs. It is imperative that we can financially and operationally support a second pool through independent channels such as endowments and through carefully managed budgeting.

  1. The Plan:
  • Ample space for senior and youth classes and aqua therapy.
  • Zero depth entry to make it accessible for people of all physical abilities and provide families with additional shallow water opportunities for young children.
  • Water play features (fountains, “dump buckets”, and more) to create fun opportunities for families.
  • Create a robust endowment that supports operations and sustains our organization.
  1. The Impact:
  • Offer programs in warm water that support the special needs of seniors due to arthritis or limited mobility.
  • Create a warm water environment to support younger children in swim lessons and early aquatics activities.
  • Ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere for athletes with disabilities and others with special needs.

What’s the Next Step?

Over the next 12-18 months, we will be meeting with stakeholders and members who are passionate about the work our YMCA does in our community and want to help position the YMCA for another century of service.

Over the past two years, our Board has taken a disciplined approach to be certain our capital campaign is successful with the end result being that we can transform our tired building with its many infrastructure issues into a truly extraordinary facility that is a destination for children, families and individuals of all ages.

We will announce our community campaign goal as our major gifts campaign wraps up and respectfully ask that you begin to think how you can help make our shared vision a reality!



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