Indoor Triahtlon Series

Indoor Triathlon Logistics

Most importantly, here are the dates and distances for this year’s indoor season:

  • Feb 25 – Indoor Triathlon (300 yd swim, 6 mile bike, 1.5 mile run) Register Today!
  • Mar 18 – Indoor Triathlon (450 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run) – Register Today!
  • Apr 8– Indoor Triathlon (600 yd swim, 10 mile bike, 2.35 mile run) – Register Today!


  • Please arrive at 8:00 am, so you can sign in, get marked with your race number in time for our 8:30 am team meeting.  Please report directly to the Gymnasium in the Wellness Center.
  • Please come race ready so we can mark your arms and legs quickly with your number.
  • We will have a brief meeting at 8:30 am to review the event, equipment location, transitions, etc.
  • If you can’t make the pre-race meeting, please report to the pool at least 15 minutes prior to your wave start, dressed and ready to go.  If possible, please come for the wave before to cheer folks on, count laps, etc.

Waves – We will send out the wave assignments the day before the race.

  •  We expect everyone can be done in about 45-60 minutes, but some of you Tri-machines will be done in 35 minutes.

Race logistics

  1.  Swim
    • You should report to the pool at the beginning of the previous wave if applicable and if possible.  You can help count laps, cheer on the swimmers, and have time to warm up prior to your swim.
    • The timing starts with a whistle to start the swim portion.  Once you complete your distance,  you exit the pool and head to the Group Exercise Room for the cycling portion of your race.
    • Your swim time ends when you reach the ladder closest to the pool door.  Volunteers will record your number and time at that time.
  2. Transition #1: Swim to Bike
    • You should put your gear for the bike (or bike/run) on the bleachers in the Lee Lap Pool.
    • The timer never stops, so we will be able to give you transition times at the end of the race.
    • All racers are to proceed cautiously through the front hallway to the  lobby, on to the group exercise room where the spin bikes will be set up for the event. There will be program going on, and a long wet floor, so please proceed carefully.
    • If you choose to wear shoes with clips, you must put them on directly in front of your bike inside the Gymnasium for safety reasons (and to protect our gym floor).
    • You transition speed will depend on how quickly you change (if you change), put on your shoes, hydrate/fuel, and arrange your gear.  There will be an insignificant gain of time if you run through the building, so please go slowly between event areas.
    • Some people will choose to wear their bike shoes and then change into sneakers for the run, others will wear sneakers for both. Some will wear tri suits and never change, others will throw bike shorts over their bathing suits and their sweet new Tri Club shirts. The choice is up to you and as you do more triathlons, you will modify your transition strategy.
  3.  Bike
    • We are using our StarTrac Spin Bikes for the race.
    • There is a little computer on each bike, which you will use to watch your miles.  For this race, you get off at your final mile mark and proceed to the Wellness Center for the run.
    • Volunteers will record your number and time as you exit the room
    • If you are unfamiliar with the spin bikes, there are seat and handle bar adjustments for you to customize the bike to your body. Here’s a good instructional video on how to set up a spin bike if you are unfamiliar. If you know me, you know I am going to re-record that with better sound.
    • Please put enough resistance on your bike to create a nice flat ride. You can make it as hard as you like, but absolutely no “free wheeling” – riding without tension.
    • Come to the Y any time and use the Star Trac bikes in the Wellness Center to record your seat settings ahead of time so you do need to fiddle with your seat during your race.
  4. Transition #2: Bike to Run
    • If you are using different gear (ie, changing shoes), you can leave your gear in the hallway between Room C and our Amazing Kids babysitting room.
    • If you are wearing the stuff you need, you can just go!
    • Please proceed carefully down the hallway and down the stairs to the Wellness Center and find an open treadmill.
  5.  Run –
    1. The April Run is Outdoors! Here is the 2.35 mile run – 
    2. Start the treadmill with the green button and adjust the speed with the arrows as you see fit.
    3. Hit the stop button when your treadmill reaches the mileage for the run portion.
    4. Volunteers will record your number and time as you exit the room
    5. Your race time stops when you leave the Wellness Center door into the Wellness lobby.

Woo Hoo! You’re done!

  • Head back to the Group Exercise room for some hydration/refreshments.
  • We will turn around the times and rankings after the last runner finishes, so please try to stay to encourage folks along the way.
  • When you finish your wave, please head back to the pool, spin room, or Wellness Center and cheer folks on!

Volunteers – Thank you very much!

  1. If have volunteered for the entire event, please arrive at 2:00 pm for the pre-race meeting.
  2. During the pre-race meeting, please plan on helping distributing shirts and marking athletes.
  3. During the race, you will be assigned to a transition area.  Your job will be to write down the times the athletes pass the thresholds, or to call out the athlete’s number for the timer. As we don’t use an actual timing system, this process allows us to record each event’s time, as well as the transition times.
  4. We will review the timing procedure with you, but this is worth an extra mention.  Once you hit the start button, you don’t need to touch any buttons until the entire race is over.